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Do you really know how secure your Bromley home is? Your property’s security shouldn’t be an afterthought. With the expertise of A & E Locksmiths, you can rest easy knowing that every vulnerability is addressed.

Your Trusted Bromley locksmith offers a complete security survey service on request. Is your home or commercial property as secure as you think?
A & E Locksmiths can review that your home or business premises are secure, check that your insurance covers your locks, and advise to ensure your property isn’t a tempting target to crooks. With our clear security recommendations, we pinpoint vulnerable areas that could be exploited to effortlessly access your property and stop possible burglaries.

Bromley Security Surveys for Ultimate Peace of Mind

In today’s world, ensuring the security of your home or business goes beyond merely having locks on doors. It’s about a holistic approach to safety, understanding every potential vulnerability, and handling it proactively. At A & E Locksmiths, we pride ourselves on offering more than just locksmith services; we provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs in Bromley.

Bromley Security Surveys - A & E Locksmiths Ensure Your Property Isn’t A Tempting Target To Crooks

Our Mission Is To Guarantee First-Class Customer Service And Value For Homeowners, Businesses and landlords. This makes us the sensible Bromley locksmith’s choice!

The Importance of a Security Survey In Bromley

While many of Bromley’s property owners are predominantly concerned about satisfying insurance requirements, sound security is about more than just compliance. Our team will meticulously inspect your current locks and security to confirm they align with insurance directives. But more importantly, we’ll identify areas where you can enhance your security, giving you and your loved ones or colleagues added peace of mind.

Comprehensive Security Survey Insights: Uncovering Hidden Vulnerabilities

Every property has its individual set of vulnerabilities. Whether it’s an old window latch, a door that doesn’t close properly, or an overlooked side entrance, these weak points can be exploited by those with ill intent. Our comprehensive security survey ensures that every potential weak point is identified and addressed. Once we’ve evaluated your property, our team provides actionable, clear, and tailored security recommendations. We understand that every property is different, and our suggestions are designed to fit seamlessly with your home or business’s distinguishing factors.

Our Security Survey Focus

Lock Standards and External Doors: The First Line of Defense

Doors are more than just entry and exit points; they’re the immediate barriers between your property and potential intruders. Our locksmiths don’t just check if they’re locked; they consider the material, the frame’s strength, the lock’s quality, and even the visibility from the street. While British Standard locks are often a requirement for insurance, we believe in going beyond the minimum. We’ll identify the type and quality of your locks and recommend upgrades that offer enhanced protection against modern breaking techniques.

Window Security: Overlooked but Critical

Windows, especially those on the ground floor or near flat surfaces, can be easy access points. We assess the variety of glass, the strength of latches, and the overall integrity of the window frame. Plus, we provide recommendations on additional security measures, such as security film or reinforced glass.

Enhancing Your Security: Recommendations to Consider

Door Viewers and Chains: A Simple Yet Effective Measure

In an age of digital doorbells and cameras, the traditional peephole and door chain still have a vital role. They offer a quick and reliable way to verify a visitor’s identity, ensuring you never open your door to a potential threat.

Bromley Security Surveys - A & E Locksmiths Provides Actionable, Clear, And Tailored Security Recommendations

Outbuilding Security: Keeping Your Shed Or Garage Safe And Secure

Garages, sheds, and other outbuildings often house valuable items, from tools to bicycles. Beyond their value, these items can be used to access your main property. Take a look at your shed and think how you would break in. It’s worth having a good padlock on the door with no exposed screws. Pay attention to hinges, as these are sometimes easily removable. If you have windows, these could be vulnerable unless secured with wire mesh or grills. Keep it locked at all times. We underline the importance of robust locks, motion-activated lighting, and alarm systems for these often-neglected spaces.

Garden Security: An Extension of Your Living Space

A well-maintained garden is not just aesthetically pleasing; it can also deter potential intruders. To enhance the security of your property, consider the following measures: Maintain low hedges and walls at the front of your house, ideally under one meter, to prevent burglars from having hiding spots.

Always ensure side gates are locked, as open gates can provide burglars with discreet access to your home, away from the watchful eyes of neighbours or passers-by. For the sides and rear of your property, opt for high boundaries exceeding 1.8 meters, complemented by lightweight trellises and prickly plants, making it challenging for intruders to climb over.

Gravel driveways and paths can act as natural alarms, deterring burglars from approaching undetected. Additionally, installing security lights can illuminate any unwelcome visitors, and a robust intruder alarm system further fortifies your home’s defences.

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