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Trusted Dagenham Locksmith Services

Looking for a trusted Dagenham locksmith service? Then look no further than A&E Locksmiths, your number-one trusted locksmith in Dagenham. As a family-run lock business with extensive experience, we specialise in providing exceptional lock repairs and replacements for both residential and commercial properties. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and providing value for money has made us the preferred choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service in Dagenham

As a reliable emergency locksmith in Dagenham, We understand that lock-related emergencies can happen anytime, so our reliable locksmith services are available round the clock. Whether you’re locked out of your property, have lost your keys, or require lock changes or repairs, our expert locksmiths are here to assist you promptly and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated local experts to book your trusted Dagenham locksmith services today.

Lost Your Keys in Dagenham? Please Don’t Panic! We’re Here to Help 24/7

Losing your house keys in Dagenham can be stressful, but rest assured, we’re here around the clock, our professional locksmiths are here to assist you in Dagenham. Whether you’ve misplaced your keys, had them stolen, or simply cannot find them, we offer reliable and prompt locksmith services to help you regain access to your property.

Professional Locksmith Services for Lost Keys

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of losing your keys, you must call a reliable locksmith promptly. You may need new keys cut or the lock replaced, depending on the circumstances. It’s essential to address this issue promptly to maintain the security of your property. Suppose your keys have key rings containing your home address and fall into the wrong hands. In that case, there is a potential risk of unauthorised access to your property.

What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Keys

  • Check for a Spare Key: If you have a spare key hidden, now is the time to use it to regain access to your property.
  • Contact Trusted Friends or Relatives: Reach out to friends or relatives you’ve given a spare key to, and see if they can assist you by providing the keys.
  • Avoid Forcing Your Way In: We strongly advise against forcing your way back into your doors, garage, shed, padlocks, or windows. Forcing entry can cause damage to your door or lock, leading to expensive repairs.

Our team of expert locksmiths is available 24/7, ready to assist you. When you’ve lost your keys, it’s crucial not to panic or attempt to force your way back into your doors, garage, shed, padlocks, or windows. DIY attempts can cause damage to your door or lock, resulting in costly repairs. Instead, rely on our professional locksmiths, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you contact us, we strive to reach your location within 30 minutes, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to assist you. We’ll not only help you regain entry but also provide lock changes or replacements if required, ensuring the security of your property.

We Can Help Replace Various Types of Keys

  • Keys For Your uPVC Door: Whether it’s the front door, back door, or patio door, we have the expertise to help you regain access to your uPVC doors.
  • Keys For Your Wooden Door: If you’ve misplaced the keys to your wooden doors, our locksmiths can provide the necessary assistance to get you back inside.
  • Keys For Your Composite Door: Composite doors offer excellent security, but losing the keys can be a hassle. Our locksmiths are experienced in handling composite door lockouts and can help you gain entry.
  • Keys For Your Garage: Losing the keys to your garage can disrupt your daily routine. Our locksmiths specialize in garage door lock solutions, allowing you to swiftly regain access to your garage.
  • Keys For Your Garden Gates and Storage: We understand the importance of securing your garden gates and storage areas. If you’ve lost the keys to these locks, our locksmiths can provide efficient solutions to restore your security.
  • Keys For Windows: Misplacing the keys to your window locks can compromise the security of your property. Our locksmiths can help you regain access to your windows and ensure they are properly secured.



24 Hours A Day



24 Hours A Day

Your Trusted Emergency Dagenham Locksmith

When you need a reliable emergency locksmith in Dagenham, look no further. Our family-run locksmith team offers professional services you can rely on, catering to a wide range of needs to ensure your security and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Locksmith Services

As your dedicated locksmith, we provide a comprehensive range of services to meet your requirements. Whether you need lock changes, lock repairs, assistance with lock-outs, security surveys, emergency entry, or burglary repairs, we have you covered. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that your locksmith needs will be handled professionally and carefully.

Trustworthy Locksmith Services in Dagenham

If you need a trustworthy locksmith in Dagenham, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available to arrange a visit and address your locksmith needs promptly and efficiently. Your security is the priority, and we strive to deliver exceptional service you can rely on.

At A&E Locksmiths Dagenham, We Are Proud Members of Checkatrade

A&E Locksmiths Dagenham takes great pride in our reputation for excellent service and customer satisfaction. As proud members of Checkatrade, we have undergone rigorous assessments and have been recognised for our reliability and professionalism. When you choose us as your locksmith, you can have confidence in our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

At A&E Locksmiths Dagenham, Customer Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Sliding front door locked shut

“Rang Monday morning at 08:30 and spoke to Les. Job done by 11:00. From the description I gave on the phone, Les did warn that, it might be a difficult job and that he couldn’t quote for anything past the first hour without seeing the door. As it turned out, it was a straightforward job (for a locksmith!) and I was charged just the call out fee. An honest appraisal and an honestly carried out job.”

Took out and fitted new mortise lock and cut extra keys.

“My original email was responded to straightaway (on a Sunday!). I had a detailed discussion with Alex on the phone. She was running late for the appointment (due to her previous appointment), but she rang in good time to let me know. Very competent. I felt she was giving me the best advice and installed a new lock, whilst also checking others. Would definitely recommend.”

Needed to replace locks on windows

“Excellent and superb job. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy locksmith.”

Removed an old lock and replace with new.

“Alex was very professional and helpful from the first phone call. Once the job and the quote was agreed she arrived the following day to change the lock for me. She is very professional and friendly, I would highly recommend A& E Locksmiths to anyone in the future.”

Your Trusted Local Dagenham Locksmiths – A&E Locksmiths

Here’s some more information about the different lock variations and their advantages:

  • Deadbolts: Deadbolts are the most common type of lock and provide excellent security. They are typically installed on the main entry doors of homes and businesses. Deadbolts come in single-cylinder and double-cylinder options. Single-cylinder deadbolts have a keyhole on the exterior and a thumb turn on the interior. In contrast, double-cylinder deadbolts require a key to lock and unlock both sides.
  • Mortice locks: Mortice locks are installed inside the door, making them more secure than rim locks installed on the door’s surface. They are available in various sizes and styles, including sash locks and deadlock variants.
  • Rim locks: Rim locks are attached to the door’s surface and are typically found on older properties. They are easy to install and repair but less secure than other locks.
  • Smart locks: Smart locks offer keyless entry and various features such as remote access and control through a mobile app. They can be integrated with other smart home devices, making them a convenient and modern home and business security option.
  • Combination locks: Combination locks do not require a key and are opened by entering a sequence of numbers or letters. They are commonly used on safes, lockers, and other small enclosures.
  • Padlocks: Padlocks are a versatile option that can be used to secure various items, including gates, sheds, and lockers. They come in multiple sizes and styles, including key-operated, combination, and smart padlocks.

At A&E Locksmiths, we are your genuine local locksmiths in Dagenham. Our family-run team is equipped with a wide selection of locks from top brands, ensuring that we can cater to your exact requirements. Whether you prefer Yale, ERA, Union Locks, or any other trusted brand, our locksmiths can provide and install them on-site. We understand the urgency of your needs, and in most cases, we can complete the job in just one visit.  Each type of lock has its advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the client. For example, a business may install smart locks for convenience and added security features. At the same time, a homeowner may prefer traditional deadbolts for their tried and tested reliability. A&E Locksmiths offers a wide range of lock types, ensuring our clients can find a solution that fits their needs and preferences.

24-Hour Mobile Locksmith Service, 20-60 Minute Response Time!

No Call-Out Fee and Prompt Arrival

At A&E Locksmiths, we believe in transparent and fair pricing. That’s why we never charge a ‘call out’ fee when you need our services. We understand the urgency of your situation and strive to be there for you promptly. We aim to arrive at your location within 30 minutes, ensuring a swift response to your locksmith needs.

Our Locksmiths are DBS Checked and Available 24/7

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. As a professional locksmith service, we have undergone DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks to provide you with added assurance. Rest assured that our locksmiths are trustworthy and committed to your security.

Furthermore, lock-related emergencies can occur anytime, so we operate 24 hours daily. Whether you require our services during the day or in the middle of the night, we are available to assist you promptly.

Warranty and Guarantee for Your Peace of Mind

At A&E Locksmiths, we take pride in the quality of our workmanship and the products we use. That’s why we offer a guarantee of 90 days on all our work. Suppose you experience any issues related to our services within this period. In that case, we will address them promptly and efficiently.
In addition to our workmanship guarantee, we also provide manufacturer warranties that cover the parts used in our locksmith services. 

These warranties typically extend for 12 months, ensuring added protection and peace of mind. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the completion of our services. We want you to feel confident in the reliability and durability of our work, and our warranty and guarantee policies reflect that commitment.

Emergency Non-Destructive Entry – Regain Access Safely

At A&E Locksmiths, we prioritise the security and integrity of your property. In emergency situations where you’re locked out, we use the latest non-destructive entry techniques and locksmith-related equipment to help you regain entry without causing unnecessary damage.
Our skilled locksmiths are trained in advanced methods that allow us to efficiently and safely unlock doors without compromising their structure or the functionality of your locks. With A&E Locksmiths in Dagenham, you trust that we’ll handle the situation with utmost care and professionalism.

Rest assured that when you choose our services, you won’t need to worry about damages to your door or locks during entry. We are committed to providing practical solutions while preserving the security and aesthetics of your property.

24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

When faced with an emergency locksmith situation, A&E Locksmiths is here to assist you promptly. Whether you’re locked out of your property, experiencing difficulties with locking your doors, or have lost your keys, call us now! Our reliable locksmith services are available 24/7 in Dagenham and the surrounding areas. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or vandalism that results in a broken window or glass door, A&E Locksmiths is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to help secure your property. Our locksmiths can efficiently board up and secure your window, ensuring your security is no longer compromised in Dagenham. Rest assured that our team is dedicated to providing swift and practical solutions to emergencies, prioritising your safety and peace of mind.

Your Trusted Professional Locksmith for Locks and Doors in Dagenham

When it comes to locks and doors, you can rely on our team of trained locksmiths in Dagenham. We have the expertise to diagnose faulty locks and provide same-day repairs. Our locksmiths are well-versed in a wide range of services, including:

  • Access Control: We specialise in installing and maintaining access control systems for enhanced security and control over entry to your premises.
  • Aluminium Doors: Our locksmiths are experienced in working with aluminium doors, providing repairs, adjustments, and lock installations tailored to these specific types of doors.
  • Anti-Snap Locks: We offer anti-snap lock installations to fortify your doors against lock snapping, a common method intruders use to access properties.
  • Boarding Up and Making Secure: In the unfortunate event of a break-in or vandalism, we provide fast and reliable boarding-up services to secure your property while repairs are being made.
  • British Standard Locks: We supply and install British Standard locks, meeting the highest security and quality standards.
  • Cabinet Locks: Our locksmiths can assist with cabinet lock repairs, replacements, or installations to ensure the security of your cabinets and storage units.
  • Changing Locks: Whether you need to upgrade or replace damaged locks, our locksmiths can efficiently change locks for enhanced security.
  • Code Locks: We specialise in code lock installations, providing convenient and secure access solutions for residential and commercial properties.
  • Digital Locks: Our locksmiths are proficient in installing and programming digital locks, offering keyless entry and advanced security features.
  • Door Adjustment & Realignment: If your doors are sticking, misaligned, or not closing correctly, our locksmiths can adjust and realign them to restore their smooth functionality.
  • Euro Cylinders: We supply and fit Euro cylinders, a common type of lock used in UPVC and composite doors, ensuring optimal security and performance.
  • Gaining Entry: In cases of lock-outs, we employ safe and non-destructive methods to gain entry to your property and get you back inside quickly and efficiently.
  • Garage Door Locks: Our locksmiths can assist with garage door lock repairs, replacements, and installations to secure your valuable possessions.
  • Gate Locks: We offer a range of gate lock solutions, including repairs, replacements, and installations, to ensure the security and functionality of your gates.
  • Glass Doors: We specialise in working with glass doors, providing lock repairs, replacements, and adjustments tailored to the specific requirements of glass door installations.
  • Mortice Locks: Our locksmiths are experienced in working with mortice locks, offering repairs, replacements, and installations for optimal security.
  • Oval Cylinders: We supply and fit oval cylinders, a type of lock commonly used in high-security applications, providing reliable protection for your property.
  • Padlocks: Whether you need padlock repairs, replacements, or assistance with choosing the right padlock for your needs, our locksmiths can help.
  • Re-Keying Locks: If you’re concerned about unauthorised access, we offer re-keying services to change the key combinations of your locks without needing total lock replacements.
  • Re-Pinning Locks: Our locksmiths can re-pin locks, adjusting the internal components to enhance security and restrict access to old or unauthorised keys.
  • Repairing Locks: We provide comprehensive lock repair services, addressing issues such as jammed locks, broken keys, or malfunctioning lock mechanisms.
  • Restricted Cylinders: We supply and install restricted cylinders, offering enhanced key control and protection against unauthorised key duplication.
  • Screw-In Cylinders: Our locksmiths specialise in screw-in cylinder lock installations, providing durable and secure locking solutions for various door types.
  • Security Surveys: We offer professional security surveys to assess the vulnerabilities of your property and recommend appropriate measures to enhance security.
  • Shed Locks: Our locksmiths can secure your sheds and outbuildings with reliable shed locks, protecting your valuable belongings.
  • Steel Doors: We are experienced in working with steel doors, providing lock repairs, replacements, and installations tailored to the specific requirements of these doors.
  • Suited Master Keyed Systems: We offer suited master keyed systems, allowing for controlled access and convenient key management in commercial properties.
  • Till Drawer Locks: Our locksmiths can assist with till drawer lock repairs, replacements, and installations to ensure the security of your cash registers.
  • Timber Doors: We provide lock services designed for timber doors, including repairs, replacements, and installations for optimal security.
  • UPVC Doors: Our locksmiths specialise in UPVC door locks, offering repairs, replacements, and installations to ensure the security and functionality of your UPVC doors.
  • Window Locks: We supply and fit a range of window locks, helping you secure your windows for enhanced safety and peace of mind.
  • Ultion Smart Locks: We specialise in Untion smart lock installations, offering keyless entry, remote access control, and advanced security features for your convenience.

Choose A&E Locksmiths for Expert Locksmith Services in Dagenham

The locations seen below include places our locksmiths serve but are not restricted to. if you need professional locksmith services in Dagenham, choose A&E Locksmiths Dagenham. We are fully insured and licensed, using only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure your property is safe and secure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to request emergency lockout services. Let us help you return to your regular routine quickly and safely

Call us now if you don’t see your address documented.


At A & E Locksmiths, we’ve specialised in Locksmith services and helping our customers upgrade their locks and security for the past twenty years. As a Father & Daughter Locksmith team, our collective experience means that if you’re looking for a reliable Locksmith in Essex, Kent and South East London’s surrounding areas you’ve come to the right place.


Very helpful. They came promptly, diagnosed the problem and recommended the appropriate specialist as it wasn’t a locking issue but a problem with the rollers.

Look at balcony double glazed door not locking properly

The locksmith (Les) and his daughter came at the arranged time and the arranged work was completed quickly and efficiently. I was consulted at all times about the repairs and what the necessary options were. I would be happy to recommend their services to anyone who asked me.

Door locks replaced (1) and repaired(1)

Very quick response, courteous and friendly, very tidy, ensured all was working properly before leaving. Would recommend or use again with utmost confidence.

New front door lock fitted

Such quick and efficient service! They came about 15 minutes after I called, changed the lock quickly and gave me tips for the future. They were polite, tidy and very friendly. Thank you!

New lock


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