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Ultion Smart Lock Installations Near Me

Welcome to A&E Locksmiths, as you’re reading this page it would appear that you’ve searched the web for “Ultion Smart Lock Installations Near Me”. As the smart home revolution has grown rapidly, many property owners have begun to think about smart lock installations. But what are the features & benefits? What are the Pros & Cons? All this information will be covered below, so once A&E Locksmiths have installed your smart lock, you will not only have all the facts to hand, you won’t have to remember keys anymore either!

But how do smart locks make this possible? First, you can easily access your home or business with a touchpad or smartphone. In addition, the freedom of Ultion smart locks means you can let someone in when you want without needing to be there or physically give them a key. No more uneasiness about leaving your door unlocked. Many smart locks can also notify you if your door is not secure. Smart locks are ideal for holiday rental properties or shared holiday homes where there is a frequent change of visitors. We always advise installing reliable brands. This is why we have expanded on our status as Official Premier Suppliers of Ultion Locks.
We now offer the most secure smart locks. Most insurance companies consider smart locks as secure as a standard key-operated lock, provided they work in conjunction with a mortice deadlock.

We Can Transform Any Type Of Door Lock

There are two types of smart locks; the first fits over the existing turning cylinder inside your door and operates with your existing cylinder and deadbolt. The second totally replaces your current lock. If you want to add a smart lock to your existing lock, it is best to consult one of our locksmiths to ensure that the smart lock you want is suitable.

Most smart locks work with existing cylinders and deadbolts. Still, some only work with deadbolts, and some may not be compatible with the type of lock you already have. 

Our experienced smart lock installers are ready to help with any problems.



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Ultion Nuki, Smarter Locking & Security For London’s Homes

Ultion Nuki is the new innovative, intelligent electronic door lock installed inside your door in minutes and is not visible from the exterior. You can now open and close your door without a key using the free app (iOS/Android). This groundbreaking addition to the home security marketplace allows you to make up to 200 permanent, time-limited or recurring virtual keys with the Nuki app.

This means your family, friends, dog sitters and cleaning team have an entry solution when you choose. It satisfies the highest possible security benchmarks thanks to state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms. If needed, you can remove your Nuki Smart Lock without leaving a trace, making it perfect for rental properties.

The Ultion Nuki Smart Lock Is Compatible With All Leading Smart Devices.

The easy-to-fit smart lock you manage with your phone, smart platform or an Ultion lock secured key. You can manage your Ultion NUKI smart lock from these leading apps.

Ring doorbell – Amazon Alexa – Google Home – Airbnb – Apple HomeKit – Nuki app – IFTTT – Smartwatches

Ultion Nuki Allows A Hands-Free Auto-Unlock For All-Out Freedom Of Movement.

Are you chatting on the phone and controlling the kids’ buggy? Or struggling with taking the weekly shopping bags in from the car? Now you don’t have to hunt for your door keys or phone. Because Ultion Nuki will automatically unlock the door when it senses you’re near it and then lock it again after a few seconds. You can turn the element on and off and customise it for every eventuality.

The Ultion Key Is The Key

Ultion, the UK’s industry-leading security brand, opens its door to Nuki, Europe’s leading supplier of smart locks. The result – is an intelligent lock with the latest technology and functionality designed to work with UK doors. After all, creating something smart should not mean removing what you already have. That’s why the intelligent Nuki Ultion smart lock can still be operated with an Ultion key.

Ultion Smart Lock Installations Near Me

Ultion Smart Locks Stop The Bad Guys From Getting In.

The Nuki is smart and stunning, but that’s far from enough. Ultion’s priority is to prevent intruders from gaining entry. The core of the Ultion Nuki is a 3-star PLUS Ultion lock, and the Nuki unit’s security rating is the highest AV, with a formidable three stars.

One Size Fits All Doors. Nuki Is The Smart Lock Of Choice

The Ultion Nuki has been developed to conform to existing doors with handle fixings of 215mm, 211mm, and 122mm and even doors with an escutcheon lock. Ultion Nuki’s refinement equals responsibility. The tastefully all-white internal finish flawlessly harmonises with most doors’ classic white interior paint.

Press, Twist & Relax.

Lock bumping is a strategic movement people apply to circumvent the lock by lifting the pins in correlation. However, with a Ultion lock, an anti-bump pin defends your lock from being entered. When it detects an attack, the lock will enter lockdown mode and entry will be unattainable for the attacker.

Smart Central Locking Is Standard With Ultion

Ultion Nuki enables you to lock all the house doors with straightforward instruction through your preferred Smart platform when installed throughout your property.

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In addition to providing Ultion Locks Kent areas, we also offer additional high-quality lock services such as uPVC lock repairs and replacements, burglar alarm installations and repairs, or CCTV system installation and advice

How Secure Is Ultion's Smart Lock?

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Ultion Nuki incorporates the 3-star plus Ultion cylinder and bears a £2000 security guarantee. No security standard is known to man or beast that this locking mechanism has not passed with flying colours. All transmissions with Ultion Nuki lock are safeguarded with state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption typically used in online banking. It is also regularly examined and certified by independent security institutes. Consequently, the Nuki Smart Lock reaches the highest AV-TEST available (level 3).

How Easy Is It To Fit & Set Up An Ultion Nuki?

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It takes minutes to replace your existing handle with an Ultion Nuki because no drilling or wiring is required.

Will The Ultion Nuki Still Work If I Need To Lift The Door Handle To Lock My Door?

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Ultion Nuki was designed with this kind of door in mind. Consequently, all Ultion Nuki unlocking features operate perfectly with this variety of doors. When you walk through the door, lift the handle as you normally would, and all locking attributes are available.

What Happens To My Smart Lock If My Wi-Fi Goes Down Or There Is A Power Cut?

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Because of Bluetooth and battery power, you can still control the door whilst at home using your phone, wireless keypad, wireless fob or key. With Ultion Nuki, you’re never locked in or out. However, remote connections that rely on the internet and power will be impacted.

How Long Do The Batteries Last In My Smart Lock?

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The Ultion Nuki takes 4x AA batteries, which typically last several months. When the battery charge level falls below 20%, you will be informed via the Nuki app and the Smart Lock through the LED lights. You can also set email notifications. Even if you overlook these, the Ultion Nuki is a regular mechanical lock too. You can use a key from the outside and the dial on the interior until the batteries are replaced.
The Ultion Nuki is also compatible with rechargeable batteries. However, we suggest more extensive usage of the rechargeable batteries Panasonic Eneloop pro. These batteries last about double the life of alkaline batteries.

Are There Any Ongoing Charges With My Ultion Nuki?

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Absolutely zero. There isn’t even a charge for sending further electronic keys.

Will An Ultion Nuki Smart Lock Fit My Door?

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By utilising the identical fixing holes already in your door, superseding your door handle with Ultion Nuki is uncomplicated. We can easily replace all standard UK push-down door handles. It accommodates lever handles where the space between the handle fixings is 215mm, 211mm and 122mm. The span between the middle of the handle (spindle) and the barrel (keyhole) should be 92mm.

The flexible design of the Ultion Nuki handle also means that should you switch your door or decide you are going to move house, you can continue to use it on the new door without needing to purchase a new handle.

How Does The Auto-Lock Function Work?

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The auto-lock function is set on a timer from the app. The timer starts whenever the door is unlocked, and it will automatically lock itself again once the timer expires.
The Ultion Nuki also features a Night Mode. Just set the time it should start at night and the time it should end in the morning. Then, it will automatically lock at the start of Night Mode and enable energy-saving mode until the morning. The auto lock can also be set to work only during Night Mode if you need to keep the door unlocked during the day, for example, if you’re a business owner. You can even set schedules to lock and unlock at certain times.

What's To Stop Someone Shouting 'Alexa, Unlock My Door' Through The Letterbox?

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You’re still protected if you combine Alexa/ Google Home with Ultion Nuki. During the Alexa/ Google Home setup, you will be prompted to set up a passcode. Alexa then asks for the passcode whenever an unlock request is made. However, the code is not required when you lock the door.

Can I Use My Existing Lock And Key?

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Ultion Nuki works with a specific type of Ultion lock that has only ever been used within an Ultion Smart lock. Whilst Ultion locks operated from the inside with a key, or a thumb turn will not fit in Ultion Nuki, we can make your Ultion Nuki work from your existing Ultion key. There is no charge for this service.

Is The Ultion Nuki Suitable For Airbnb Property Owners?

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Ultion Nuki is an excellent addition to any Airbnb, with seamless integration with the Airbnb app when used with the bridge. In addition, your guests automatically receive a digital access code after booking, which will automatically expire at the end of their stay.

Ultion Locks Improve Your Security

Ultion high-security cylinders are not only more challenging to drill open, pick open, or bump open than standard lock cylinders, they also come with a registered key system. This gives you control of having extra keys cut, eliminating the threat of anyone having a key cut without your knowledge.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • 464,000 Homes Are burgled Into Each Year
  • 900 Homes Are Broken into Using the Door Every Day
  • 85% of Lock Break-ins Happen Due to lock Snapping
  • 58% of Burglaries Occur While You’re at home

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Very quick response, courteous and friendly, very tidy, ensured all was working properly before leaving. Would recommend or use again with utmost confidence.

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