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A & E Locksmiths are official premier suppliers of 3* Ultion Diamond locks and Ultion Nuki Smart Locks. We serve customers everywhere throughout Blackheath postcodes to secure your home.

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Like the Yale Superior range, the Ultion range is becoming a common preference to adhere to the British Standard insurance requirements, especially in new composite doors. We create these keys with our computerised equipment. Our Ultion Locks Blackheath specialists scan the original and upload the data to our automated machine.

Official Premier Suppliers of Ultion Locks Blackheath

A & E Locksmiths are official premier suppliers of 3* Ultion Diamond locks, and we provide Ultion Locks Blackheath and beyond.

Our Mission Is To Guarantee First-Class Customer Service And Value For Homeowners, Businesses and Landlords In Blackheath. Call Now For A Free Quotation On Our Range Of Locks, Including Anti-snapping Euro Locks.

Approved by the Police.

Secure By Design. The official UK Police flagship initiative combines the principles of ‘designing out crime’ with physical security.

Approved by Locksmiths

Sold Secure Diamond. Few locks have survived the test designed with the Master Locksmith Association and carried out by professional locksmiths.

Approved by British Standards

Kitemark is the standard of excellence recognised around the world. Ultion is accredited with the highest 3-star rating.

What Are The Benefits Of An Ultion Lock?

What Are The Benefits Of An Ultion Lock?

1. Ultion Locks have a Lock Down Mode

One of the most attractive characteristics of Ultion locks Blackheath or further afield is their capacity to begin ‘lockdown mode’ when your door is tampered with.
If an intruder attempts to bypass your lock or force your door open, an Ultion lock has a hidden lock inside of the mechanism that instantly blocks the door from opening. The secret lock is concealed deep inside of a solid molybdenum core. It is kept in place by a dedicated retaining pin, restricting access for non-key holders, unlike standard door locks, which can be quickly picked and broken. Ultion locks will detect an attack swiftly and secure the entire system so it cannot be broken. If you want guaranteed safety for your home, an Ultion lock has more than one means of ensuring this and lockdown mode is one of them.

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Ultion Nuki Is The Smart Lock Of Choice!

  • Ultion, is the UK’s industry-leading security brand

  • Compatible With All Leading Smart Devices

  • Ultion Nuki has a 3-star PLUS Ultion lock.

2. The Super Strength Of An Ultion Lock

Unlike the conventional locks you’d find for your front door, with the recently improved Ultion lock, you can guarantee a reliable and robust lock. The lock mechanism is formed from molybdenum. An element located in the most powerful of superalloys. This material is in the top six for the highest melting point of an alloy. The Ultion lock can endure forces of up to 30,000 pounds per square inch. The same alloy you find in an Ultion lock is located in military aircraft, which more than supports its extraordinary value. If an Ultion lock is anything, it’s secure, meaning you can anticipate the best safety for your family and belongings.

Ultion Locks Blackheath - Molybdenum Is Denser Than iron Giving Extreme Durability

3. Ultion Locks Are Easy To Operate

You would believe such an advanced lock would be difficult to understand and use accurately. Nevertheless, that is not the case. Ultion locks function just like any other lock; all you require is the correct key, and entry is easy. If you’re inside and lockdown mode is activated, this is not a difficulty either; an Ultion lock will permit you to operate your lock from the inside. An Ultion lock is devised around customer ergonomics and safety; consequently, you can still anticipate total control of your security. An Ultion lock works under a key that fits the mechanism. So long as you have your key, your lock will be obtainable for you even if it has stopped intruders from accessing your home.

4. An Ultion Lock Has Not Yet Failed A Test

Ultion locks have undergone an all-important BS (British Standards) test for security and passed each time. The board for British Standards detected no flaws with the defence mechanism and rated the model a 3 star, as it met the highest TS007 standard. The Ultion locks acquired excellent reviews after it was discovered that the lock worked efficiently without needing support from cylinder protectors or secure door handles. Locksmiths planned all the tests. This was so that all lock elements were acknowledged during the examination. Safe to say, Ultion locks exceeded all of the expectations.

Ultion Locks Blackheath - Everyone Approves - A & E Locksmiths Blackheath Are Official Premier Suppliers Of 3 Ultion Diamond Locks

5. Ultion Locks Have An 11-Pin Cylinder

The extra secure locks that you would have heard of consist of 5 or maybe 6 pins. However, an Ultion lock has 11. With 11 pins comes 11 separate numbers to create a pin with, and with about 294,970 different combinations, you can guarantee a secure door. Your key is attributed to this lock as it correctly moves all 11 pins inside the mechanism. However, when the lock is attacked with attempted entry, lockdown mode will activate and cut off access from the outside.

6. An Ultion Lock Provides Protection From Drilling

Drilling into your door lock is a common technique for trespassers to obtain entry. That is why Ultion Lock has taken this event into consideration. The cylinder has been produced with anti-drill pins; the metal barriers stop a drill from piercing through the lock, therefore hindering the attacker.

7. Ultion Locks Give Protection From Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is a strategic movement people apply to circumvent the lock by lifting the pins in correlation. However, with an Ultion lock, an anti-bump pin defends your lock from being entered. When it detects an attack, the lock will enter lockdown mode, and entry will be unattainable for the attacker.

Ultion Locks Improve Your Security

Ultion high-security cylinders are not only more challenging to drill open, pick open, or bump open than standard lock cylinders, but they also come with a registered key system. This gives you control of having extra keys cut, eliminating the threat of anyone having a key cut without your knowledge.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • 464,000 Homes Are burgled Into Each Year

  • 900 Homes Are Broken into Using the Door Every Day

  • 85% of Lock Break-ins Happen Due to lock Snapping

  • 58% of Burglaries Occur While You’re at home

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