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Replacement Glass For Bromley Misted Windows

Unsightly cracks, breaks and misted windows not only detract from the appearance of your windows but also endanger the security of your home. When your double-glazed windows become misted, it indicates that calcium deposits have discoloured the glass. Your degraded unit now holds water inside.

Bromley Misted Windows - Calcium Deposits Have Discoloured The Glass - A & E Locksmiths

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Top-Quality Double Glazing Window Repairs

Atmospheric pressure variations generate moisture within your sealed unit. It continues until the water condenses inside the sealed unit. As the only solution, replacement units guarantee your windows are sparkling and transparent. Typically, replacing a unit means limited alterations or interference to its framework.
This is because double-glazed units are intended to be detachable and replaceable.

Sliding Window Repairs

As well as misted units, we repair and maintain Upvc windows, handles, locks and hinges, whether vertical or horizontal sliding. Backed by far-reaching experience, we specialise in uPVC window repairs. Owing to our outstanding reputation, housing associations and building contractors constantly use our services.

Can You Repair a Blown Window?

The industry term ‘broken down’ or “Blown Window” relates to a double-glazed unit’s perimeter edge seal that has lost integrity. This means moisture is getting in, degrading the glass’s condition. Although it may be challenging to detect initially, misting becomes prominent when sunlight or heat sources draw up moisture. Separating the glass should not be tried as the sealed unit is factory-manufactured, meaning the glass is bonded. If this occurs, there is no need to replace the complete window, including the frame. Our Blown Window Repair experts can, in fact, just replace the misted double-glazed unit itself.

Bromley Misted Windows - This Blown Window Unit Is Being Repaired By A & E Locksmiths

How To Recognise And Repair Misted Double Glazing

This is a question that many Bromley-based customers ask us. Double glazing is manufactured by setting two panes of glass together with a thermally efficient spacer bar in between. The spacer bar is slightly smaller than the glass’s overall dimensions to form a recess between the panels. The glass sections are then sealed together using a hot melt adhesive to create a double-glazed unit. The air confined between the two parts of glass (or gas for enhanced thermal efficiency) creates an insulating barrier that retains heat and keeps the cold out. When the seal on the double-glazed glass breaks down or fails, condensation will work its way inside the glass unit, resulting in misted double-glazing.

Why Does My Double Glazing Mist Up?

Double-glazed sealed units are only referred to as broken down (failed) if moisture or “misting” develops between the two double-glazed glass panes. More importantly, when misting arises, it is no longer a “sealed unit”. So, as a result, it will not be fulfilling the role of a sealed double-glazed unit. The broken-down unit can no longer keep the cold out or enable heat generated by your heating system to be kept in, allowing solar gain to be held inside the home.

The seal can rupture for several reasons, including the age and condition of the window frame. On occasions, this could be due to a problem with the production of the unit. It could also be down to how the window was initially installed. Chemical cleaning materials applied on windows can also cause the seal to degrade over time.

Broken Down Unit Replacements Bromley

A & E Locksmiths can supply and install double-glazed units to strict British Standards, and we will furnish you with a 10-year sealed unit guarantee. Investing in home maintenance by replacing broken down (failed) sealed units will unquestionably be money well spent.

Should I Replace A Broken Down Sealed Unit?

The task of replacing sealed units that have broken down is not all that significant throughout the hotter summer months. It is, however, essential to have the work done before winter. Broken sealed units are oozing costly energy out from your home into the atmosphere, causing your heating system to work harder than it needs to. Failed sealed units can also be rather ugly, so they are worth replacing to renew the energy efficiency of the windows and/or doors that the faulty sealed units are in. For Bromley homeowners with advanced energy-rated aluminium or uPVC double glazing, replacing broken-down sealed units is uncomplicated and straightforward to do. However, many homes with ancient fenestration systems or timber double glazing discover replacement can be more costly, mainly when the units are settled into the frames with putty rather than wooden beads.

Bromley Misted Windows - Sealed Unit Window Replacments - A & E Locksmiths

Do I Need To Switch My Window Frames?

This is a widespread misunderstanding. Replacement double-glazed units are a considerably cheaper option than installing new windows. Because a misted-up window is due to the seal on the glass. The misting has nothing to do with the frame itself. Indeed, as long as the window frame is in good shape, you really just need to replace the glass unit. When undertaking double glazing repairs, upgrading the glass to A-rated energy efficiency is an excellent moment to get more reliable insulation and lower heating bills.

Understanding Condensation

Why is there condensation on the inside of the interior glass pane?
Condensation on the inside of the double glazing indicates a ventilation issue within that room that requires fixing. You can also create condensation inside the units when clothes are being dried in a room when it is cold and wet outdoors.

Why Is There Condensation On The Outside Of The External Glass Pane?

Condensation on the outside suggests the double-glazed unit is working exactly as it should, and you will see it fade throughout the day as the sun intensifies. This event is a natural phenomenon, not a glass or window defect. So, to reiterate, this situation is not due to your double-glazed window failing as outlined above. The problem occurs mainly in Spring and Autumn, when the glass temperature drops to a low level at night, with the mist of a heavy morning dew condensing upon the cold surface of the glass.

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