We Fix Damage Caused During A Break In!

If you are a victim of crime and suffered a break-in, our Orpington locksmith can repair damage caused to frames, locks and doors. A & E Locksmiths can be on-site within 30 minutes (in most cases) to make the required repairs and change locks if required.

Burglars usually bluntly force their way into properties, causing substantial expense and damage to the door and frame. A damaged door or door frame threatens your property without quick repairs or replacement. While DIY repairs might seem tempting, hiring our professionals has real benefits.

Professional Burglary Repair Services Orpington

Our A & E Locksmiths team provides same-day burglary repairs in Orpington, bringing expertise, tools, and a quality guarantee. We deliver tailored solutions that meet your security goals and budget and can also offer a security survey to review that your home or property is secure and that your insurance covers your locks! We also advise ensuring your property isn’t an easy target for potential thieves in the future.

Burglary Repair Services Orpington - Our Orpington Locksmiths Repair Damage Caused By Burglars Forcing Entry

Our Mission Is To Guarantee First-Class Customer Service And Value For Homeowners, Businesses and landlords. This Makes Us The Sensible Orpington Locksmith Choice!

Securing Your Orpington Home Post-Burglary

After repairs, focus on reinforcing doors and windows. After all, the doors of your home are the most vulnerable part of your property! Our trusted and licenced team offer lock and door repair services throughout Orpington following a break-in. We aim to arrive at your door within thirty minutes of your call. Our father-and-daughter team can also safeguard your property from future break-ins.

These steps include installations of 3* Ultion Diamond locks and Ultion Nuki Smart Locks,  deadbolt locks, hook bolt locks, high-security night latch locks, door viewers, hinge bolts and hinges. It would be best to consider investing in modern alarm systems and surveillance to deter future break-ins.

Tips For Fortifying Your Home Against Break-ins

It would help if you took the necessary precautions to ensure your home and its contents are secure against theft and potential damage. This is good advice, regardless of where you live, and there are several self-help steps that we encourage you to take. There are countless proactive steps you can adopt. While some might seem straightforward, others offer nuanced protection, bridging the gap between a vulnerable and fortified home. We recommend that you:

  • Ensure that all windows in exterior doors, like your front door, are at minimum forty inches apart from any locks and letterboxes.

  • Security locks installed on your windows are locked securely when possible.

  • Lock your tools, ladders, and lawnmowers away from prying eyes.

  • Think about getting a dog. This is an added security factor. Dogs are an outstanding intruder alarm and deterrent to would-be thieves.

  • Keep your home lights on while on holiday or away from home for extended periods. You can set up strategic lighting points throughout your home.

  • Lock personal items of sentimental and financial value in a safe. Safes can be situated inside a cupboard, floor or wardrobe for extra peace of mind in the unfortunate event of a burglary.

Stay A Step Ahead Of Orpington’s Burglars: Call A & E Locksmiths

With advancements in technology, smart home integrations are becoming popular. These not only add convenience but also enhance security. Regular security upgrades keep you one step ahead of burglars. Remain vigilant, and remember that routine checks and community watch programs can be a deterrent for burglars. Prevention is always better than cure.

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